Runaways, Labyrinth (creative director)

Our first collaboration was on Runaways. With a background in animation, she was perfect for the project because she was eager to try new media and was committed to the interplay between theory and practice. When we demonstrated the prototype at an MIT conference, she was very cool and confident; I think we were the only group whose project didn’t crash. When I started Labyrinth in 1997, she was my first hire and remained with us until I retired. Besides working on major projects like Tracing the Decay of Fiction and The Danube Exodus, she was our creative director onThe Dawn at My Back (which won the Jury Prize for New Narrative Forms at the Sundance Festival), Three Winters in the Sun: Einstein in California, and A Tale of Two MAO Genes. She was also great on trips when we were showing our works abroad. She always found the best restaurants.