The Female Framed: 50 Years of Women on Screen:

The Female Framed: 50 Years of Women on Screen: On the Representation of Women in American Cinema. An evening co-sponsored by the American Film Institute and the Screen Actors’ Guild, which took place at the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences, October 17, 1984.

Although I was commissioned to write a text that would be read by Trish Van Devere and presented with a series of illustrative 35 mm excerpts from a wide range of Hollywood films, at the last minute Ms. Van Devere said she couldn’t do it because my sentences were too long. So I had to present it myself and then in the panel discussion that followed, I had to defend my feminist perspective against all of the panelists. Fortunately, many in the audience were on my side.

From left to right, Martin Ritt, Marsha Kinder, Trish VanDevere, Esther Williams