I always felt comfortable with this journal, which was published at USC, under the leadership of its founding editors Ronald Gottesman and Regina Fadiman, and subsequent editors-in-chief, Katherine Singer Kovacs and Michael Renov, all of whom were my good friends and colleagues. I was a member of the Editorial Board in the 1970s and 80s and remained on the Advisory Board in the 90s.

During that time I was the Guest Editor for two special issues:

The Application of Semiology and Structuralism to Practical Film Criticism, 3:3 (Summer 1978). Not only did this volume contain an essay I wrote with Beverle Houston, “Insiders and Outsiders in the Films of Nicolas Roeg,” but it also featured an important article that I had persuaded Susan Suleiman to write, “Freedom and Necessity: Narrative Structure in The Phantom of Liberty.”

Remapping the PostFranco Cinema, 13:4 (1991). This issue was dedicated to the memory of Katherine Singer Kovacs (1946-1989), whose final essay was included in the volume, “The Plain in Spain: Geography and National Identity in Spanish Cinema.” It also contained an important essay by Marvin D’Lugo, “Almodóvar’s City of Desire,” and my own article, “The Spanish Oedipal Narrative from Raza to Bilbao.”

Three more of my essays were published in special issues of the journal that were guest edited by three of my good friends and collaborators:

Feminist and Ideological Criticism, QRFS 3:4 (Fall 1978). Guest Edited by Beverle Houston. This issue contained our essay “Sweet Movie.”

The New Spanish Cinema , QRFS 8:2 (Summer 1983). Guest Edited by Katherine S. Kovacs. This issue contained my essay “The Children of Franco in the New Spanish Cinema.” (Download)

Parody, QRFV 12: 1-2 (1990). Guest Edited by Ronald Gottesman. This issue contained my essay, “Ideological Parody in the New German Cinema: Reading The State of Things, The Desire of Veronika Voss, and Germany Pale Mother as Postmodernist Rewritings of The Searchers, Sunset Boulevard, and Blonde Venus.”